Digital Marketing Kit – Ultimate Guide to Advertise Online and Grow Engagement

In the following article our team in Forestgram created a short guideline to follow on creation of online advertising campaigns on social media and search engines.

The Concise

What you need to consider as a number one step is creating a useful concise that includes a brief explanation about what you are offering from products or services which you are aiming to promote. It is essential to write notes down to have the ability to review them later and see if everything is on the right way.

Worksheet:  Campaign Concise

Client Information

Company Name:



Start Date:

Products and Services offered:

Goals and objectives:

Products and Services Concise

As a company that have many products or services, you should know and collect information about each one of them to help you assign your messages and marketing goals.

Worksheet: Product Concise

Who is the target audience?

What problem you can solve?

What is the solution we are offering?

What is the benefit of our solution?

What is our value proposition or guarantee/promise?

How can we proof what we are saying, what steps do we take to ensure delivery of the promise?

Creating your Campaign

Assign your Digital Marketing Goals

Since you have the proper budget for your digital marketing, you now should assign your key goals. In instance, what are your expectations as a result of all the online marketing effort you are doing?

It is better to have a strategy for each product or service; a set of marketing objectives and agenda about each one. For example, what is the product, who is your audience for this product, what is the objective, what is the budget for it. Here is a sample that explains this:

Let’s assume to have an example of car services company;

Objective: Promote a new service your company is now offering

Service: Connected car locators

Audience: Adults, teenagers with driving license

Budget: 50%


Objective: Build an engagement online community

Service: All

Audience: Adults, teenagers with driving license

Budget: 20%


Objective: Increase sales

Service: Car paint protection

Audience: Car lovers, adults, teenagers with driving license

Budget: 20%


Assigning Key Performance Indicators

Here is the time for you to assign your KPIs. Preferably, you have the option of measuring each KPI using reports produced by different online platforms. But at this point, you don’t have to be concerned about “the way we measure them” rather then be concerned about technical implementations that will be explained later in this guide.


Writing your Content Strategy

Obviously, the content you write for any online marketing promotion or campaign is the most essential part because it represents your brand and is the one that engages your audience. All the platforms and tactics that we’ll be using, needs content. And remember that; the better content you have, the better improvements and developments you will generate.


Ideas for your Content

We need to find content ideas using the Product Concise Worksheet to help us producing the actual content that will be published. There are few questions to be asked in this case which are:

  1. What content can be delivered that your target audience might want to be informed about?
  2. Do you have any actual content that we can utilize?
  3. How can you associate your products or services with any events, news, or related content?

Now, you should be able to create a list of headlines such as, “4 Tips to Align your Company with your Marketing Goals”, “Are Websites Still Important for your Business?”, etc.


Tactics & Tools

Build your Email List

The email list is a way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers. You can create a database of email subscribers to keep communicating with them.

What is the way of building an email list and add more subscribers?

Here are some simple ways to get users to sign up for your email list:

  1. Add signup options to your social media accounts.
  2. Place your newsletter signup after your blog posts
  3. Run a promotion on a partner website or email newsletter
  4. Use Instagram scheduling and automation tool

PPC Advertising

Begin with Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is an online advertising in which you pay a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked by an online user. There is also cost per impression (CPM)where you pay each time an ad is displayed. In addition to cost per acquisition (CPA) where you pay you only pay when an advert delivers an acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization

Your Website Keyword Optimization

How to optimise your website ranking based on specific keywords on search engines?

How Search Engine Optimisation Works?

The websites that are considered by Google to be the most useful and relevant are the ones that are ranked in the first place by Google of its search results. Google does this by using a complex algorithm which takes into consideration too many factors.

Google Recommendations

The two most important recommendations by Google and other search engines for websites owners are to make your website easy to use and create a good quality content. Of course, there are a lot of other recommendations, but the easiest way is to always keep in mind to remember that you web page is a reflection of yourself and your business and brand.

Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that social media can make a lot of online marketing profits but this can not be accomplished without a content strategy in addition to using previous mentioned tactics.

Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Improve Brand Recognition
  2. Increase Brand Loyalty
  3. Higher Conversion Rates
  4. Grow Inbound Traffic
  5. Optimise Search Engine Rankings

Use Instagram Automation Tools

Instagram automation and scheduling helps with engagement with audience, you will not have to engage and find followers for you when you can hire a software that will be doing that.

When you use Instagram automation software it grows your natural engagement with followers and likes,thus increasing sales and revenue. The software works by following guidelines on liking/commenting and does not works through API of Instagram by acting as a human being therefore it is 100% safe.

Start using Forestgram today that has features as:

Schedule photos/videos to post on Instagram from desktop

Upload or paste a link for video/photo, post them now or schedule for future time you would like Forestgram to post on your Instagram profile

Schedule Direct Messages

Want to update your followers/customers or send them new offers? Type the message, select accounts followers or following users, click on select all and Schedule the message.

Schedule Comments

Schedule commenting based on a hashtag,timeline feed,popular feed or explore tab feed. Forestgram will not comment all images related to hashtag/feed everyday, it will comment only on those that you will select and schedule.

Schedule Likes

Select photos/videos from hashtag,timeline feed,poular or explore feeds to like and click on Schedule. Forestgram will schedule the likes on those photos/videos.

Schedule Follows

Forestgram will follow Instagram accounts from your account based on a hashtags,location or username.

Schedule Follow Back

Forestgram will follow back all users that will follow your account and will also send direct message to them.

Schedule Unfollows

Unfollowing all followers is a very long process that will take a lot of time,automate unfollowings with Forestgram and we will unfollow from all your accounts.

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