Earn Instant 1,000 Instagram Followers: Ultimate Guide to Get More Followers on Instagram

Social media is everywhere. Almost everyone you see on the streets, at schools, offices, malls, and homes have their own social media accounts that they use every day like Instagram.

Instagram has been one of the fast growing channels that allow people as well as businesses to expose, promote, and expand their brand.

For businesses, in particular, Instagram is a way to humanize a brand, showcase company culture and product, recruit future employees, generate a new business, and serve customers.

Although you may think of buying your first followers to have the cycle rolling, you should still know that these purchased followers are either low-quality or fake profiles. They will not really serve your purpose but only to artificially inflate the number of your followers.

Such instances are the reason why you need an Instagram marketing tool that will help you with Instagram automation. This way, you can count on Instagram as your marketing tool to have meaningful engagements and business interactions among real followers.

Steps on How to Get More Followers on Instagram



  1. Create and optimize an Instagram profile

First things should always come first. This means that you should customize your profile on Instagram first to make it look better, introduce yourself to your followers, and give them convincing reasons why they should follow you.

  • Make sure you have a recognizable and searchable username/business name.
  • Set your profile to “Public”. Open “Settings” turn “Private Account” off.
  • Choose a display picture.
  • Fill your bio with actionable, delightful, and informative info about your brand.
  • Enable notifications
  • Do not link your account to Facebook or Twitter because post types are not the same.

2. Have a content creator

If there are at least two people who manage your other social networks, you should also have one or two people who would handle your Instagram account. Have a content creator who already has experience in using Instagram accounts and knows all the handy features that the app offers.

3. Improve your photography and editing skills

The quality of your posts matters on Instagram. You should be familiar with the basic photo editing applications as well as basic tips on photography.

  • Photography skills
    • Focus on a subject one at a time.
    • Adapt negative space.
    • Look for interesting perspectives.
    • Find symmetry.
    • Capture minute details.
    • Try to make bring humor to your followers.
  • Photo editing

Be familiar with the best and most reviewed photo and video editing apps that are installed on smart devices. They help in details on specific parts to brighten hues and make photos even fresher.

4. Begin Posting

After creating and optimizing your Instagram profile, it is now time for you to post. Always have at least 15 great posts before engaging people so that when many users visit your profile, they will be seeing a lot of photos, not just a few. This way, they will also know that you post great content on a regular basis.

5. Curate your content

Yes, it is the best for you to have people manage your account but it is still better if you can have a system to curate content and photos from your team to track every activity that your team does within your business. You can create an email address for your team where they can send their photos, short videos, hyper lapses, or memes.

6. Write share-worthy captions

Social media presence is all about good and relevant content. Write share-worthy captions and content to catch the interest of your audience and easily build a relationship with them. Good captions are important so that Instagram users will know what your brand conveys and it also gives them the idea of why they should follow you.

7. Use relevant hashtags

You must know that hashtags tie conversations of various users who would not be connected to one stream. Using relevant hashtags will expose your posts to a wider audience. Use hashtags sparingly and smartly. Limit your hashtags to at least 3 per caption. An effective Instagram marketing tool that you can use is forestgram where you can schedule automatic likes via hashtags.

8. Interact with users and followers    

Instagram is more of a community and it is great to get involved and interact with this community so that you can find people who also post photos of your interest. Follow them and interact with the content they post. This is a natural way to draw their attention to your account while you are entering the doors of this big community.

While building your followers, celebrate your following and show how you appreciate them and respond to comments. You can interact with users using forestgram. This software is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that can help you grow your followers naturally and be close with your target audience.

9. Cross-promote with other users whose audience are the same as yours

When you have already built a strong relationship with other users who have the same audience as you have, you may ask doing some co-promotion on your accounts. Make the content and captions less spammy and more natural when you do co-promotions.

10. Run contests on Instagram

Running contests on Instagram is another way for you to effectively expand the reach of your brand as you increase engagements on your content. You can publish posts that promote contests and simply ask users to follow you, like your post and comment on photos to join. You may also use User Generated Content to your contests, too.

11. Share live videos and Instagram stories

Instagram offers you a great opportunity to post curated and beautiful photos for your brand. With the Instagram stories, you can also share behind-the-scenes and on-the-fly videos that can give more personality to your brand.

Instagram stories allow you to share live videos which are proven to be effective even on other social platforms. Here are some tips for you on how you can use Instagram stories better:

  • Whether it is sad or funny, be authentic and unique.
  • Go behind-the-scene
  • Go live

Experiment by sharing live videos and stories to attract more potential followers and increase your interactions.

12. Make your Instagram account easy to find and follow

Place follow buttons on the pages of your website. It can be on the About Us page, home page, services page, or the product page. Generate the Instagram badge button that will link your site to your Instagram. Use forestgram as you acquire natural ways of interacting with other users and your followers.

This Instagram marketing tool allows Instagram automation wherein you can gain instant followers naturally and artificially. If you get more followers with forestgram, your account will be more visible to your audience. This software boosts your online presence to make your Instagram account easy to find and follow.

The real deal about Instagram is that, when you are not famous, it will really hard for you to obtain huge followers without doing an effort. For an average business and person, it takes a time to grow followers and draw attention on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a perfect solution to grow your followers on Instagram instantly, sign up with forestgram today! Take advantage of Instagram automation and gain more profit from your business. Visit www.forestgram.com for more information.

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