Etihad and the multi screen experience

A look at the user journey from Etihad’s TV commercial to its online properties (2013 TV campaign “Why”)

What parts worked, what parts didn’t and what to look forward to.

Connected screens are the topic of the day, so as I was at home watching TV I saw the Etihad latest commercial and at the end I saw the super directing me to go to 

Multiscreening with my iPhone at the time, I typed in the URL to my mobile browser. (but i really wanted to there to be a code I could just scan TV screen with my RedLaser app)

The URL redirected to the main website, rather than the Why landing page. 

Here’s what it looks like:


I clicked on the big WHY in the main banner. 

I ended up on the actual microsite 

Which looks like this:


Then I clicked the TINY link on the top left, “Win free flights” (under the logo) and I end up on the Facebook page which looks like this:


i clicked on the WHY – win free flights box and it takes me to the app which looks like this


Notice it has the original URL which will take you to the normal booking website. 

I press enter and then I get this screen:


The text gives me the same info as I already saw on the WHY microsite, and then gives me that URL again, back to which will take me to the booking site.  

I feel as if the brand is trying to make it really difficult for me to actually win a free flight. 

To enter the competition i simply register and tell them why I have switched to Etihad or what aspects of travel are important to me on the form.  I would have liked to fill this in on the actual page where there is all the numbers and exciting visuals. 

I felt like i did a whole lot of clicking there with not much in return. On the other hand i discovered 2 innovative aspects from their Facebook page:

Duty Free Shopping from Home

1) Shopping: You can send your duty free request to Etihad at the email: together with name, flight number  and date of travel at least 72 hours before you fly and they’ll deliver the shopping to you directly onboard

The problem with this is that they link to an inside page of the main website from the facebook post

This is how it looks:


Then you have to click again on the image on that page to get to the online magazine which can be found here:

This is how the magazine looks:


Whilst I usually use Facebook through my mobile, I switched to desktop. This magazine is replicated online giving you the full “page turning” experience, but no way of interacting. No way to actually shop the products.  

I have no idea how i’m supposed to send an email to dutyfree @ etihad.  What do i tell them? I’d like the white pen please on page 4, or the roberto cavalli perfume? 

On the phone of course the entire thing is unreadable. 

I would love for the Facebook link to take me directly to an online store where i can simply “add to cart” and then fill in my flight details etc at the end. 

CRM, Personalization and In Flight Entertainment

2. The second interesting thing i discovered was that for July and August, Etihad has “positioned some great movie and television titles on the inflight entertainment system called E-Box”

The link takes me to the same inside page on the main website and then to the same magazine style format for the movies, see below:


Again, rather difficult to read.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could pre select the entertainment you wanted, and then it would be all there, programmed to your seat when you got onboard, just like the duty free? Talk about personalized experience. 

Omnichannel retail, loyalty and Big Data

So going back to the whole multi screen experience, we have a few issues and user journeys to consider:

I subscribe to Du for my landline phone, my broadband and my cable tv.  Du has quite a lot of information about me. I even have a mobile subscription with them. Du could know that i’m watching a particular channel and then I search for the Etihad URL given at the end of the TV ad. 

Once I’m on the microsite and i’ve entered to win free flights, I hang around the Etihad site to see what other interesting stuff there is.  I haven’t booked a flight yet, but i’m about to. 

A couple of weeks later, i’m watching TV again, whilst on my tablet, cookies have been placed that feed me ads for destinations i was interested in because i was surfing them earlier.  The Etihad commercial appears on TV and this time I go to the URL and book my flights.  

Later on i’m watching an old arabic movie on on my tablet and i see a pre roll ad for Etihad’s “E-Box” system with short clips of the latest films they have on board.  I click on it and i get taken to a mobile optimized site where i can pre select what i want to watch and fill in my flight details.  

From there i link to the online shopfront (again optimized for mobile) for the Etihad Duty free shop, and, as an added bonus, I get to purchase my goods using operator billing by Du. I don’t even have to type in my credit card details. 

Voila. One seamless experience for me, lots of data for all the partners. 

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Etihad and the multi screen experience

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