Want More Instagram Followers? Here Are Sure Ways To Grow Your Instagram Presence Organically!

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also stands as one of the most popular apps – attracting almost millions of people regardless of their age and location. Today, Instagram has more than 300 million active users who share about 100 million posts and press love hearts above 4 billion times.

However, it is not easy gaining followers, unless you are a well-known personality or celebrity. But, no worries! Whether you are looking to build Instagram followers for personal purposes or business benefits, we will give you some natural ways to grow your Instagram audience.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Define the real you

When you visit the world of Instagram, you will notice that many users’ profile serve anything from fashion and food to travel combined together. However, this is not the right way. Instead, define who you really are and cling to it. You can separate profile for every category without merging all those things. Also, you can make content that shares the same vibe or theme.

2. Get followers

Just like other apps, Instagram is also about give and take. Follow your friends or colleagues, or other people whom you think will follow you back. If you are running a business, engaging and partnering with other account is very relevant. This enables you to reach each other’s followers. Or, offer ‘share for shares’ to increase your exposure. You offer to share a product or an account post that is relevant to your brand and your partner approves to do the same thing for you.

3. Mention others in your post or tag them

Everyone loves being mentioned and tagged. Maybe not for celebrities who get plenty of notifications in a single day, but your customers and fans will surely be! Also, you can ask users to ‘tag a friend’. For instance, share a photo from a previous event and ask your followers to comment and tag a friend they want to join with. This will surely expose your event to numerous people who haven’t heard of it otherwise.

4. Comment on posts

Commenting on posts may seem an old method, but many have proven its effectiveness especially when it comes to increasing your presence on Instagram. Though it takes time, it is actually an effective tactic in the long run. No matter what your purpose is for gaining Instagram followers, you need to consider doing it to offer social media support and answer customer feedback.

5. Get an Instagram marketing tool

If you’re really serious in your goal of growing likes and followers on your Instagram profile, you can make use of Instagram automation like Forestgram. Especially for beginners, you need first to buy fake followers and likes on your profile to make real people believe you and follow on Instagram. What makes Forestgram an ideal automation is that, it schedule posts, Hashtags suggestions and statistics, schedule automatic likes using Hashtags and offers automatic follow back, unfollow and comments. Up to 500 000 of deceptive followers can be purchased.


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